Comprehensive Training in Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy

Early registration fee 629.000 ISK. Standard registration fee 754.000 ISK.

Comprehensive Training in Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy

Early registration fee 629.000 ISK. Standard registration fee 754.000 ISK.
Last day of early registration: 1. June
Kennt í tveimur sex daga lotum dagana 22. - 28. ágúst og 24. - 30. okt. 2019 kl. 9:00 -17:00 (12x). Ekki er kennt á sunnudögum. Taught in two sessions on Aug. 22.-28th. and Oct. 24.-30th. at 9:00 -17:00 (12x). There are no sessions on Sundays.
Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and marriage and family therapist
Endurmenntun, Dunhaga 7.

Study Clinical Hypnosis and You Can:
• Integrate the Mind-Body Relationship and
• Behavioral Medicine into Your Treatments
• Diversify and Increase Your Clinical Practice
• Bring Positive Psychology into Your Practice
• Incorporate the Proven Clinical Merits of Mindfulness, Relaxation and Focusing Processes into Psychotherapy

Registration deadline is June 1st. 2019

Why Study Hypnosis:
• Suggestion is an inevitable part of any treatment. Learning hypnosis allows you to better understand how you currently use suggestive language in your treatment approaches and how to increase and diversify your range of skills in suggesting therapeutic possibilities.
• Hypnosis provides deeper insights into how people generate their experiences, including symptomatic ones, making your therapy more strategic, focused and effective.
• Empowering people is an essential part of any therapeutic
intervention, and there simply is no approach more empowering to the individual than hypnosis.
• By learning hypnosis, you will be able to tap into peoples’ strengths in ways beyond what they may think is possible. Amplifying peoples’ strengths is often more clinically effective than trying to diminish peoples’ weaknesses.
• People learn best through experience. Hypnosis is a vehicle of focused, experiential learning.
• Research on the effectiveness of hypnosis highlights the fact that hypnosis enhances treatment outcomes.
• By learning hypnosis, you will acquire a desirable additional treatment tool to help market your practice both to clients and other health professionals who will seek out your area(s) of expertise.

Why Take This Particular Training?
• It is practical, “hands-on” training designed to build competency in practice.
• It is limited to in the number of participants so greater individualized attention can be provided.
• It is specifically designed to allow you time to learn, process the information and practice the skills in-between sessions.
• With the format of returning for two separate phases of instruction with the same participants, you develop a core group of friends and fellow professionals to network with during and after the course.

About Michael Yapko:
Dr. Yapko is a member of the American Psychological Association, a clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, a member of the International Society of Hypnosis, and a Fellow of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. He is a recipient of The Milton H. Erickson Award of Scientific Excellence for Writing in Hypnosis, and the 2003 Pierre Janet Award for Clinical Excellence from the International Society of Hypnosis, a lifetime achievement award honoring his many contributions to the field of hypnosis. He also received The Milton H. Erickson Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Psychotherapy and the American Psychological Association Division 30's Award for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Hypnosis.

Group Size and Structure and Who should enroll:
The program is only open to professionals (all participants will have advanced degrees in the helping professions).

This program is structured to be an intensive training opportunity. Thus, there will be a limited number of professionals allowed to participate. Group members will each commit to attending the full 12 days (84 hours) together as a group. New members will not be added later, thus adding both continuity and group cohesiveness to the training experience. This training program is “hands-on” and highly practical. There will be didactic sections, as well as the modeling and demonstration of approaches. The larger goal is clinical competence in designing and delivering hypnotically based interventions, skills that will be developed primarily through numerous structured practice sessions. You will be doing and experiencing a lot of hypnosis in this program.
This comprehensive training program is provided in a concentrated format of two 6-day segments. These are spaced several months apart in order for participants to take their skills back to their clinical practices and further develop them in-between phases.

“Is the goal of treatment to reduce pathology or expand wellness? Hypnosis generally focuses on and amplifies peoples’ strengths, beginning with the premise that people have more resources than they realize. Hypnosis allows us to connect with and enhance the best parts of human experience. Best of all, the scientific literature shows clearly that hypnosis enhances the treatment process in ways we are just beginning to understand.”
– Michael D. Yapko

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Frábært námskeið, ótrúlega magnaður fyrirlesari.
Extremely useful and enjoyable. Yapko has great ability to mediate the essentials and the art of hypnosis.
Has been enjoyable and help me see things clearer and look at many things in a new light.
Vissi ekki alveg hvað ég var að fara út í, varð ekki fyrir vonbrigðum. Lærði mjög margt nýtt og hagnýtt - frábært námskeið og frábær kennari.