The Five Keys to Successful Test Automation

Price 95.900 kr.
Fri. 31st. of March from 9:00 - 17:00 hrs.

Course material, light lunch and refreshments are included in the course fee.
Hans Buwalda, CTO at LogiGear Corporation
Endurmenntun, Dunhaga 7.

Automated testing is a key ingredient in an Agile and DevOps strategy, where continuous integration and continuous deployment mean continuous testing is a must-have. However, such automation often proves cumbersome and costly to build and maintain.

We often view this as a technical problem, for an engineer to solve with tools like Selenium. However, there are other areas that often have a much stronger impact.

In this workshop Hans Buwalda will discuss five major areas that can contribute to automation success. The most important of these is the test design, and Hans will show how keywords, and related to that BDD, plus a modular approach will help address this, even for non-technical testers. He will also show how to best fit automation in Agile projects, and what developers can do to help the tests be successful.

Topics covered:
• Test automation approaches.
• Keyword and scenario based automation.
• Modular test design.
• Improving testability of applications.
• Getting testing and automation "done" in agile sprints.
• Using virtualization for automated testing.
• Dealing with configurations.

What you will learn:
• Approaches to test automation, like record-playback, scripting, keywords, scenarios (in particular BDD scenarios).
• The role modular test design can play in successful automation, following the Action Based Testing method.
• A template example of a high-level test design to take away and use in projects.
• "Anti-patterns" - things to avoid in your test designs to not frustrate their automation.
• The five top items in achieving testability in applications.
• Testing in production.
• Non-UI testing, including testing service oriented architectures.

Who should attend:
This course is intended for testers, automation engineers, software developers, managers etc.

Hans Buwalda has been working with information technology since his high school years. In his career, Hans has gained experience as a developer, manager, and principal consultant for companies and organizations worldwide. He was a pioneer of the keyword approach to testing and automation, now widely used throughout the industry. His approaches to testing—action-based testing and soap opera testing—have helped a variety of customers achieve scalable and maintainable solutions for large and complex testing challenges. Hans is a frequent speaker at international conferences and is lead author of Integrated Test Design and Automation.

Other information:
The participants will receive a tool to translate BDD scenarios into keywords (actions).