Powerful Practice: Planning and Implementing Authentic Occupational Therapy Services

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Powerful Practice: Planning and Implementing Authentic Occupational Therapy Services

Verð snemmskráning 89.000 kr Almennt verð 97.900 kr
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Mon. 9th, Tue. 10th and Wed. 11th of March at 8:30 - 17:00 hrs.
Professor Anne G. Fisher
Endurmenntun, Dunhaga 7.

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Öflug iðjuþjálfun: Traust og gagnreynd þjónusta
Powerful Practice: Plannig and Implementing Authentic Occupational Therapy Services

Námskeiðið er ætlað iðjuþjálfum og markmiðið er að efla og treysta iðjumiðaða sýn og hugmyndafræði í þjónustu við fólk. Kennari er Anne G. Fisher en hún er íslenskum iðjuþjálfum að góðu kunn frá fyrri námskeiðum um AMPS og ESI matstækin.

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This course is based on the text, Powerful Practice: A Model for Authentic Occupational Therapy (Fisher & Marterella, 2019). The intent of this text is to offer occupational therapy clinicians, educators, students, and researchers with a practical and accessible guide to providing occupational therapy services across settings. Building on this text, the course will address how occupational therapists:
• overcome, minimize, or work around the constraints they face in practice;
• reason about the complexity of occupation using the new Transactional Model of Occupation, one that is informed by occupational science;
• critically evaluate the evaluation and intervention methods they use and consider how they can modify their practices to ensure they are legitimate for use in authentic occupational therapy;
• use the Occupational Therapy Intervention Process Model (OTIPM) to guide the implementation of authentic occupational therapy services;
• implement observation-based performance analysis of their clients’ quality of occupational performance; and
• accumulate practice-based evidence to support the power of occupation.
The course content progresses step-by-step through the phases of the occupational therapy process. Lectures, video case examples, discussions, and extensive opportunities to practice enable the course participants to reflect on and learn strategies they can apply to improve their practice, educational activities, and research. The occupational therapists who take this course find that they leave inspired to embrace their unique expertise as occupational therapists and to make their practice more centered on occupation.

Who should enroll:
Occupational therapy clinicians, students, educators, and researchers who
• seek an overarching reasoning model that provides a structure for thinking about the variety of available evaluation and intervention methods and then choosing which one to use at different phases
of the occupational therapy process — such a structure can enhance both clinical practice and occupational therapy education;
• want to invigorate practice and confidently implement authentic services that are occupation-based
and occupation-focused;
• already practice in a manner with which they are satisfied — attending this course will enable them to reflect on and evaluate their current practice, identify components that they can further improve so as to become even more occupation-centered, and enhance their ability to communicate to others the power of occupation; and/or
• want to change practice and are struggling with where to start in order to overcome the many obstacles that limit what they can do.

Professor Fisher is the Founder of the Center for Innovative OT Solutions (CIOTS), University Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Colorado State University, and Professor Emeritus at Umeå University, Sweden. She also holds an honorary doctorate from Umeå University. She has published 115 articles in refereed professional journals and 50 books or book chapters. She is a member of the Academy of Research of the American Occupational Therapy Foundation, and she was the 1997 recipient of the Eleanor Clarke Slagle Lectureship. Most recently, she was the American Occupational Therapy Association honored her as one of 100 people who influenced occupational therapy’s 100-year history.

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