Activity Based Working – Creating a Better World of Work

Verð snemmskráning 99.900 kr Almennt verð 109.900 kr

Activity Based Working – Creating a Better World of Work

Verð snemmskráning 99.900 kr Almennt verð 109.900 kr
Snemmskráning til og með 18. mars
Thu. 15th. of April at 9:00 – 16:00 hrs.

Course material, a light lunch and refreshments are included in the course fee.
Tim de Vos, consultant and leader of the Benelux team for Veldhoen + Company
Endurmenntun, Dunhaga 7.


Activity Based Working (ABW) is all about creating a better world of work: better offices, more effective ways of working, smarter collaborations, higher empowerment, improved vitality, increased innovation power, better usage of office space, ... is all this possible? Yes, with the right approach, a clear and strong vision and some courage!

After 30 years of existence, ABW still is the most innovative way of looking at work & workspaces. Originally a Dutch invention, ABW is slowly but surely conquering the world. Introducing ABW requires completely rethinking the physical, virtual and most importantly, behavioural aspects of how we work. Veldhoen + Company are the founders of and still leading the way in ABW.

As workplaces all over the world were forced to adjust to new ways of working when facing a global health crisis in 2020, COVID-19, it seems that the shape of work has been changed forever. These changes offer an opportunity for many workplaces to finally build a culture that allows flexible, productive and sustainable environment. ABW practices can be used as a vehicle for this transformational change.

Remote working is one part of this change which seems to be here to stay. But including remote working into the new work world order seems challenging for many workplaces and raises some questions, such as:

• What are the benefits and requirements of applying remote working in the way of working in your organization?
• Whose responsibility is it, to choose where and when to work? The CEO, the people leader, the team, or the individual?
• Is remote working merely a tool to prevent the transmission of a virus, a way to save costs, a way to keep your staff satisfied, a people & performance enabler, or a combination of all?
• What does research on remote working tell us? How can it become successful for everyone?
• How will the function of the workplace change when people are willing and able to work anytime, anywhere?

How has the world of work been changing?
Watch this animation about Activity Based Working to find out, and discover what we can all achieve by changing with it.

ABW requires a consistent and professional approach. A one size fits all doesn‘t work, but there are many best & worst practices to share from all over the world. In this course, the history of ABW and prominent ABW stories will be shared with you. Stories about connecting, empowering, inspiring, healthy and sustainable workspaces that often transform the DNA of the organization.
Workspaces where people are both productive and happy. Where the environment enables people to flourish and where people love to be.

Besides these stories, the course entails a lot of space for Q&A and, last but not least, the models and approaches that have proven to be successful for introducing ABW.

It is an inspirational workshop that covers many ABW topics. Attending this workshop will help you decide whether and why ABW is something valuable for your organisation.

What you will learn:
• What could innovative ways of working based on empowerment, choice and trust look like?
• How does the strategic lever-function of the physical, virtual, and behavioural workspace work?
• How to motivate and lead people in the cultural shift at the workplace while implementing ABW.
• Which tools have been proven successful when it comes to implementing ABW successfully?
• Is ABW valuable for me/us? And if
yes, why?

Topics covered:
• ABW definitions.
• ABW best practices. What are the most remarkable success stories of ABW around the world? What is it that creates the success?
• ABW worst practices. What can and did go wrong with ABW? What has gone wrong with ABW?
• The HOW for ABW. Best practice process models and approaches that have been proven to lead to impressive results.

Who should enroll:
Representatives, managers, program managers, experts (FM, RE, HR, etc.) and decision makers of organisations are interested to create a better world of work for their organisation.

Tim de Vos (40) used to work as an independent program manager in Dutch Broadcasting Companies, before starting @ Veldhoen + Company in 2006. With a background in Art, Facility Management and psychotherapy, Tim is always motivated to look at the world of work from multiple perspectives. In 2020, Tim is senior consultant and leader of the Benelux team for Veldhoen + Company.

Other Information:
Participants are welcome to email questions and inquiries to Tim de Vos before or after the workshop at

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