Leading Digital - Strategy and Management in an Era of Digital Disruption

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Wed. 8th and Thu. 9th of Nov. from 9:00 - 16:30 hrs.

Course material, a light lunch and refreshments are included in the course fee.
Jim Hamill, Director at Hamill Associates Ltd/Future Digital Leaders
Endurmenntun, Dunhaga 7.

A two-day Executive Masterclass providing participants with highly practical tools and frameworks for developing, implementing and proactively managing an effective Digital Transformation Strategy for their own organisation.

We live in an era of digital disruption.

The convergence of mobile connectivity, social media, enterprise social, the Cloud, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, automation and the blockchain, combined with the rapid emergence of a new generation of constantly connected customers and constantly connected employees (Gen C), is threatening to reshape markets faster than at any time in history.

With reports suggesting that four out of ten industry incumbents, across a broad spectrum of sectors, could be displaced by digital disruption over the next five years, many organisations are on the verge of becoming ‘digital dinosaurs’ due to their inability to adapt. No industry, no organisation is immune from the threat of being disrupted. With 40 per cent of jobs being replaced by digital technology over the next two decades – no individual is immune.

Transforming digitally has become the most important challenge facing organisations today. A new breed of senior executive is required – Digital Business Leaders; leaders who can combine high level business knowledge, experience and understanding with the ability to develop digital transformation strategies fully aligned with and supportive of agreed business goals and objectives. Leaders who possess both the confidence and personal skills to drive digital-led organisational change.

Topics covered:
Content is structured around the WHY, WHAT, HOW and WHO of successful digital transformation focusing on six key themes:
The Digital and Social Media Revolutions: business impact of disruptive technologies; mobile, social, the Cloud, big data, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, digital customers and Generation C.
‘External Digital’: the use of digital and social media technologies for building customer engagement; the new rules of sales, marketing and PR; social customer service; content marketing; big data and predictive analytics; real time engagement as the new marketing.
‘Internal Digital’: the use of digital and social technologies within the business to improve internal communications and knowledge transfer; achieve operational efficiencies; build agile, fast moving flexible organisations; improve staff engagement and morale; drive change towards a more customer centred organisational culture. ‘Enterprise Social’ tools and software. Big data, the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0.
Digital Strategy Development: new business models and digital business transformation; how to develop a digital vision and strategy customised to the specific needs of your own organisation and customers; agreeing KPIs and targets.
Digital Strategy Implementation: key success factors in implementing digital transformation programmes; people, technology, organisation, culture, project management, overcoming resistance to change; the role and characteristics of a successful Digital Leader.
Measuring Digital Performance and Organisational Impact: the 6Is approach; the growing importance of data and predictive analytics; tools for tracking consumer behaviour; social media listening tools.

Each session will be highly interactive with plenty of time for questions and two-way discussion. A ‘business first’ rather than ‘technology led’ approach will be adopted at all times ensuring that the digital actions and initiatives you implement are fully aligned with and supportive of core business goals and objectives.

Participants will be supported by an Online Resource Community before, during and after the two-day session.

What you will learn:
Using very practical tools and concepts contained in the ‘Digital Business Transformation Toolkit’, the two-day Executive Masterclass will disseminate best practice strategic and practical advice in leading digital change. The programme will equip participants with the knowledge and practical skills required for developing, implementing and proactively managing a successful Digital Transformation Strategy for their own organisation.

On completion of the programme, and utilising the diagnostic tools and templates contained in the ‘Digital Business Transformation Toolkit’, participants will have acquired the knowledge and practical skills to:
• Undertake a digital landscape analysis for their organisation.
• Set up a digital and social media listening system.
• Develop an agreed digital strategy.
• Agree the core business objectives, goals and targets to be achieved.
• Identify the key digital initiatives to be implemented and an ‘Action Plan’ for getting there.
• Agree the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), metrics and analytics to be used in measuring digital performance, business impact and ROI.
• Ensure that all key success factors have been considered including organisational and people barriers to change.
• Establish your personal brand as a Digital Leader.

Who should attend:
• CEOs and Senior Executives, from both the private and public sectors, tasked with the responsibility of creating responsive organisations in an era of turbulent digital change.
• Business Owners wishing to exploit the full potential of digital technology and social media for achieving sustained growth and competitiveness.
• Middle Managers responsible for developing and implementing Digital Strategies for their own are of responsibility.
• Junior Managers and recent graduates wishing to develop careers as Digital Leaders.
• Those already working in digital requiring to update their skills and knowledge.

With 35 years International Management experience, Jim is widely recognised as a leading expert on International Business/Marketing, Digital Disruption, Social Media and Digital Business Strategy. He has successfully delivered on a broad range of consultancy assignments around the World, with clients ranging from SMEs to multinational organisations such as the World Bank, United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations, Economist Intelligence Unit, International Labor Office, Russian Foundation for SME Development, Malta Tourism Authority, the European Union, International Atomic Energy Agency, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Visit Scotland, National Trust, Glasgow City Council, First Group, ScotRail and many others.

Jim has held Visiting Professorships or delivered Senior Executive Programmes in the US, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Malaysia, China, Norway, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, France, Iceland, Malta, Russia, the UAE and Bahrain. Author of several books and numerous papers, he is Owner and Director of Energise 2-0, a leading digital business and social media consultancy, based in Glasgow but operating globally. He is also Director of Future Digital Leaders, creating business leaders ‘fit for purpose’ in an era characterised by turbulent digital change and Digital Darwinism.

In 2010, Jim was voted as the ‘Most Innovative Lecturer of the Year’ by students at the University of Strathclyde for successfully redesigning the student learning experience around the use of social technologies. He is passionate about the role new technology can play in enhancing learning.

Other information:
Participants will be supported by an Online Resource Community before, during and after the two-day session.