Activity Based Working – Data and Insights on the benefits and requirements of remote working

Verð 22.600 kr

Activity Based Working – Data and Insights on the benefits and requirements of remote working

Verð 22.600 kr
Thu. 28th. of Jan. at 13:30 – 15:00 hrs.
Marco van Gelder and Lisa van Dijk, workplace consultants at Veldhoen+ Company
Námskeiðið fer fram í rauntíma í Teams. / The course takes place in real-time, online via Teams.


As workplaces all over the world were forced to adjust to new ways of working when facing a global pandemic crisis this year, it seems that the shape of work has been changed forever. These changes offer an opportunity for many workplaces to finally build a culture that allows a flexible, productive and sustainable environment. ABW practices can be used as a vehicle for this transformational change, especially when they are fueled with data and insights.

Remote working is one part of this change which seems to be here to stay. But including remote working into the new work worldorder seems challenging for many workplaces and raises some questions, such as: What are the benefits and requirements of applying remote working in the way of working in your organization? Whose responsibility is it, to choose where and when to work? The CEO, the people leader, the team, or the individual? Is remote working merely a tool to prevent the transmission of a virus, a way to save costs, a way to keep your staff satisfied, apeople & performance enabler, or a combination of all? What does research on remote working tell us? How can it become successful for everyone? How will the function of the workplace change when people are willing and able to work anytime, anywhere? To answer these relevant questions currently at the table of many organizations data and insights become very relevant.

What you will learn:
• Latest research insights regarding working from home.
• What are the unique differences in the current situation.
• What are the topic you must address.
• How can you apply this in your organization yourself.
• What are the newest Behavioral Data Insights used based on streaming data.

Topics covered:
• Working from home. Why are the previous studies obsolete?
• V+C & TiU research insights.
o Dataset of 5000 knowledge workers.
o Forced working from home due to the pandemic.
o What are the positive experiences and how should we understand them?
o What are the negative experiences and what should we do with them?
• How can you use the developed study method yourself?
• Bahavioral Data Insights based on Microsoft Workplace Analytics and applied in MyAnalytics?

Who should enroll:
Representatives, managers, program managers, experts (FM, RE, HR, etc.) and decision makers of organisations are interested to create a better world of work for their organization.

Senior workplace consultant at Veldhoen+ Company, Marco van Gelder (50). A good workplace strategy shows its added value in crafting an excellent execution and with a long track record in management, organizational behavior management and as an advisor on board-level, Marco gets things done.

Workplace consultant at Veldhoen+ Company, Lisa van Dijk (29) has her background in architecture, urbanism and building sciences. Being passionate about the creation and design of work environments that give value to users, she strives to create a better world of work. Encouraging the provision of a pleasant, healthy, usable and energetic work environment is what drives her.

Other information
Full day onsite workshop which will take place on Thu. 15th. of April - Further information and registration here.

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